Colour palettes

LD Campionari is an artisan reality which, out of passion and tradition, with care and high professionalism, studies every day how to best create and present the customer's product, through effective and completely customizable solutions in every aspect, based on the type of activity to be represented and the type of message to communicate.

We offer color charts for fabrics, leathers and materials of various kinds, stamped or cascaded and cut to any size.
The quality of the materials used, resistant and destined to last over time to always make a fine show of themselves, combined with long-term experience in the sector, make LD Campionari's workmanship extremely refined, pleasant and original products.
All of this contributes to presenting your product in the best possible way and enhancing it through samples with attention to every detail that reflect and respect the uniqueness of your business and work and corporate identity, playing with shapes, colors and finishes.

The exclusivity and customization that distinguish all the processes and products of LD Campionari mean that the sample collection truly becomes a tool worthy of best representing a company and its product.

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